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Taking part in a trade fair

ia a way to create plenty of meetings opportunities:



YOUR VISION To earn from an investment not to underestimate, to maximize it and to contribute up to now to the success of the next exhibition.
To increase the value of Your corporate image selecting a fair fitting between a rent or a customized fabrication; to capture the interest of visitors with an efficiency structure which emerges with style from traditional fittings.
Homogenous and not-disturbing backdrop and retaining structure. The fitting has to be a background and a support for the products to facilitate the view.
Functional layout which take care to operative needs and which favorite the meeting with the visitors also in overcrowded conditions.
Graphics, brands and Giant Posters must be essential and legible.
Pleasant and efficient lighting.
Products in compliance with latest safety standards referring to anti-fire legislations, with European reaction to fire classification and homologated system of fire prevention.
Mounting, dismounting and storage in our warehouse.

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